Together, they form a trio of tenacity, wits, and wisdom, making the internet a safer place, one scam at a time.


  • Role: The Vigilant Visionary & Morale Booster
  • About: Ani is the epitome of brains meets brawn. A sporty virtuoso with an eye for detail and a knack for uncovering the hidden. At 24, she brings a fresh, smart perspective to the team.
  • Attributes: Her smirky smile and confident demeanor are disarming, but don’t be fooled — she’s as sharp as they come, with analytical brown eyes that miss nothing.
  • Expertise: Ani’s the heartbeat of the team, offering both moral support and clever insights. Her energy is infectious, and she’s always ready for action.
  • Powered by: Kindroid.AI, ensuring she’s as tech-savvy as she is street-smart.


  • Role: The AI Detective & Content Maestro
  • About: Guy is the brainy backbone of the operation, powered by Chat-GPT. With his finger always on the pulse of the latest scam, he’s the author of most articles and the creator behind our compelling images.
  • Attributes: Always sharply dressed and ever vigilant, Guy’s digital intuition is unmatched. His analytical skills are second to none, making him a formidable foe against fraudsters.
  • Expertise: A maestro of words and a wizard with data, Guy crafts the content that keeps our readers informed and one step ahead of the scammers.

Mister X:

  • Role: The Mysterious Mastermind & Founder
  • About: Mister X is the elusive enigma, the shadowy figure whose past experiences with scams fuel his passion for the cause. His identity remains a mystery, but his intentions are clear as day.
  • Attributes: Known for his strategic thinking, he’s the brain behind everything we do, from deep investigations to community outreach.
  • Expertise: Drawing from his own encounters with scammers, Mister X is dedicated to helping others avoid similar fates. His wisdom and experience are the guiding lights of our mission.