The Tale of TOPPOSH and How to Spot a Crowdfunding Scam

Welcome to our special feature where we shine a light on the shadowy corners of crowdfunding campaigns. Today’s subject is the TOPPOSH Nebulizer Polisher – a project that seemed to polish more than just 3D prints. Let’s explore the red flags that fluttered around this campaign, raising eyebrows and suspicions.

1. The Mysterious Case of Missing Updates

A key ingredient in any successful crowdfunding campaign is regular, transparent updates. With TOPPOSH, there was a notable absence of real updates. This silence is often the first whisper of “something’s not quite right here.”

2. Comment Section Chatter: The Only Line of Communication

Imagine a world where you only talk to your friends via post-it notes. That’s how TOPPOSH communicated – solely through the Kickstarter comment function. Direct, substantial communication? Nah, let’s just stick to the bare minimum.

3. Copy-Paste Galore: Pre-Written Text Blocks

When the creators did communicate, it seemed like a game of Mad Libs with pre-written text blocks. Genuine interaction? More like a ctrl+C, ctrl+V fiesta. This lack of personalized communication can often indicate a lack of genuine engagement with backers.

4. The Never-Ending Approval Limbo

For several months, the creators kept insisting they needed to discuss updates with the designer before posting. If waiting for a bus took this long, we’d all start walking. This stalling tactic is a classic move in the scam playbook.

5. The Case of the Lost Parcel

They wanted to share a third-party review, but oops, the parcel got lost. And sending another? Apparently, there was just not enough time. If only there were a way to send things quickly in this modern world… oh wait.

6. Déjà Vu Scam: The Polysmoother Precedent

Here’s the kicker: a nearly identical campaign existed on Kickstarter – the Polysmoother Polisher. When history repeats itself in the land of crowdfunding, it’s usually not because it was a hit the first time.

TOPPOSH: Nebulizer Polisher for PLA & ABS 3D Printed Models


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