Divided Twins in the Kickstarter Galaxy 🌌📸

Today, let’s delve into a curious case of Kickstarter doppelgängers: “Pulse – Your Camera, Upgraded” and “Arsenal, the intelligent camera assistant.” Both projects orbit around a similar concept, but with distinct creators at the helm. Are we witnessing the birth of Kickstarter copy-cats, or is this just the evolution of ideas? Let’s compare:

Pulse – Your Camera, Upgraded

  • Project Overview: Launched by Alpine Labs, Pulse aimed to revolutionize camera control. It promised complete command over DSLR or Mirrorless cameras right from your smartphone – wireless​​​​e】.
  • Key Features: Trigger stills, time-lapse sequences, image previews from your phone, and video triggering. It also supported multiple camer​​e】.
  • Funding Success: With a goal of $50,000, Pulse soared past expectations, rallying $1,110,820 from 12,626 backe​​e】.
  • Cost and Beta Testing: Backing the project at $74 secured a Pulse system, with an exclusive $350 tier for beta testi​​e】.

Arsenal, the Intelligent Camera Assistant

  • Project Vision: Created by Ryan Stout, Arsenal was touted as the world’s first intelligent camera assistant powered by machine learning, designed to unlock the full potential of DSLR or mirrorless camer​​​​e】.
  • Functionality: This assistant allowed photographers to wirelessly control camera settings, including shutter speed, aperture, and ISO from up to 100 feet away. It also offered live previews and shutter triggering via a smartpho​​e】.
  • Funding Triumph: Arsenal’s campaign set a modest $50,000 goal but ended up accumulating a whopping $2,650,310 from 15,766 backe​​e】.

The Kickstarter Copy-Cat Dilemma

  • Similarity in Concept: Both projects share a core idea – enhanced wireless control over cameras using a smartphone interface.
  • Distinctive Execution: While the concepts overlap, each project brings its own flavor of technology and innovation to the table.
  • Kickstarter’s Ideological Crossroads: This scenario sparks a debate. Is Kickstarter becoming a battleground for similar ideas, or is it a platform where like-minded innovations can coexist and evolve?

In essence, the story of Pulse and Arsenal isn’t just about two similar projects; it’s a glimpse into the broader dynamics of crowdfunding, where originality and similarity often intertwine. Whether these projects are seen as creative twins or competitive rivals, they certainly add intriguing chapters to the Kickstarter saga. 🤔🌐🔍

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These sources provide a comprehensive view of both Kickstarter campaigns, highlighting their similarities, differences, and the unique aspects each brought to the table in the realm of camera technology.


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